Egg Donation Program

Some women are unable to produce their own eggs due to hormonal deficiency, genetic predisposition or other medical conditions. Others choose to have egg donation because they carry a genetic illness, which may be passed on to any babies born or they have poor quality eggs or recurrent miscarriages. Through egg donation these women have the oportunity to give birth. The patient receiving the donated eggs (recipient) is treated with hormones to prepare the lining of the uterus to receive the embroys. Eggs are recovered from the donor who has to go through ovarian stimulation to form multiple eggs and then these are recovered under anaesthesia under ultrasound guidance. The entire procedure is carried out vaginaly. The sperm from the receipent's husband is used to inseminate the eggs (either by AMS or the ICSI technique). The resulting embroys are transferred two/three days later to the recipient's uterus.