Legal Aspects

It was the year 2002 when Surrogacy was legalized in India. And for a decade, Indian citizensalong with international singles and couples from all over the world have been taking benefit ofAMS, surrogacy and egg donation.

All reputed clinics including Ana Med Services closely follow the guidelines of the IndianCouncil of Medical Research. The law of surrogacy in India is largely based on these guidelines.

The Surrogacy Agreement

Ana Med Services customers enter into a surrogacy agreement with a surrogate mother and herhusband. This agreement sets out the responsibilities of both parties along with offering legalprotection for surrogates and clients under Indian contract law. In addition, the contract clarifiesthe payment made to the surrogate mother along with the sages of paying the payment. Thesurrogate mother loses her parental rights to the baby by signing the contract. Contracts aregenerally signed when clients come to Delhi and enroll themselves for having baby throughsurrogacy.

Birth Certificate

We give our clients the birth certificate of a baby, if it is asked. The birth certificate is issued bythe Delhi Municipal Council and it is internationally recognized.

DNA Testing

International clients cannot use both a sperm donor and an egg donor, or donor embryos withsurrogacy. Through DNA testing, a genetic link is established with the baby and one parent. Thepar as a genetic lent is requested to ask for the grant of citizenship to the baby.

Take the Baby Home

Keep in mind, the baby won’t be given Indian citizenship even they were born in India. So, theparents are requested to ask from the embassy of their country to give the citizenship to the babyso that they don’t have any problem in bringing the baby home.

Assistance in Citizenship

At Ana Med Services, we have proper knowledge of availing citizenship for the born baby. Wefulfill all the requirements like a signed copy of the surrogacy contract, pregnancy medicalrecords, parents’ birth certificates, a signed statement by the surrogate mother and her husbandwaiving parenttal rights, baby’s birth certificate and a summary of treatment. We offer completesupport in availing citizenship for the born baby through surrogacy.

With the support of our support staff, we make all the arrangements for getting baby birthcertificate and other documentation process.