Our Team

Ana Med Services has the support of its dedicated team members.

Our success lies to our team members whether they are doctors, support staff, legal advisors or marketing managers. All members of our team are committed to serve you in the best possible manners. With the assistance of our professionals, we guarantee that you will have happiness in your home by obtaining your desired child through surrogacy. All team members are courteous and are always ready to serve the clients by solving their every query and providing the expected results.

Why Ana Med Services Pvt. Ltd.

  • We listen to our clients. At Ana Med Services, we comprehend and the problem of couples having no child and the difficulty of the entire surrogacy process. We have better understanding our clients’ feeling about the baby growing far away from home and we keep updating about the development of child. Further, we care utmost care of surrogate mother and keep conducting regular test during pregnancy.
  • We, Ana Med Services, have track record of higher success rate. Around 500 babies are with their parents and approximately 50 are on the way. We can offer you the reference ofclients served in past. These clients would state their experience with us.
  • We have the support of advanced medical facilities that are essential for the proper care of surrogate mother.
  • At Ana Med Services, we follow ethical ways in serving our clients. Our practice of surrogacy is recommended by the Indian Council of Medical Research. We strictly followthe guidelines of ICMR and do not make any type of compromise in serving our clients.
  • We offer a wide array of choices for Indian donors. At Ana Med Services, we have numerous young & attractive women of every category enrolled and we are on the way tomake more smart women enrolled with us.
  • You don’t need to wait for a longer period of time. With the support of pre-scanned surrogate mothers, we start surrogacy process just after your enrollment.
  • Transparent procedure. We don’t hide anything from you whether it is donor, application & enrollment charge or other expenses.
  • Assistance in Indian national capital city. You will be offered all types of assistance for bringing happiness in your life.