Our process starts with your enrollment with us. The entire process is like as mentioned below:

Your Role

  • Search Surrogacy Service Centers in India or browse our website
  • Click on Contact Us and Fill the details accordingly
  • Type the details of both of you in the message box
  • Click on Send to send the message
  • Our doctor will contact you and conduct an interaction with both of you
  • You will be asked to come to India for medical examination
  • You will be asked for complete medical history and having genetic test
  • After conducting all type of tests, you will be asked to select a surrogate mother from theprofiles provided
  • You will be asked to coordinate with the cycles and surrogate mother
  • You will be given to hormonal treatment to stimulate your ovaries and your semen will be kept to freeze AMS& ICSI will be done in laboratory and the fertilization will strictly be examined.
  • After prior incubation, the embryo formed is transferred into the surrogate on day 3 / 5.

Surrogate Mother Role

  • Surrogate mothers will have to support in preparing profiles
  • You (surrogate mother) will have to assist in proper health checkups
  • Surrogate mother have to support in counseling and inform her family members for surrogacy program
  • You will be asked to support in cycles and obtaining matured eggs along with embryo transfer
  • If your pregnancy report is found positive, you will be asked to be in complete medication till the child birth

Our Role

  • We provide you the best possible service and support you in becoming parents
  • After your finalization of surrogate mother, we start the process
  • We keep you updated at every stage of surrogacy