Surrogacy in India

Surrogacy is appropriate in cases of -
  • History of recurrent miscarriages.
  • Abnormalities in the uterus .

Surrogate is arranged from registered agency following ICMR guidelines . Legal contract is signed by both the parties .

Treatment: What to expect ?

Patient undergoes in vitro fertilization (AMS) to produce their genetic embryos. If this isn't possible because of the nature of your fertility problem, you can also use donated eggs, sperm, or embryos. Your embryo is then placed in the Surrogate womb , who carries the baby to term. When the child is born, the carrier gives the baby to you and signs away her parental rights.

Surrogate is arranged by registered ART agency . She is investigated thoroughly to rule out medical problems. Legal contract is signed by both the parties. Carrier's expenses, from doctor visits to housing, along with additional legal, agency, and service fees, Medical and treatment fees is beared by the patient as per the signed contract.